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RPS Performance programs


The RPS Performance program is lead by our team of expert coaches who have experience in developing elite athletes.

Join us in building a winning culture rooted in discipline and hard work. Elevate your game and unlock your full potential with our elite performance program. Together, we’ll shape champions defined by dedication, perseverance, and an unwavering quest for excellence.











Our systematic approach includes all of the fundamental components for peak performance including endurance, strength, power, speed, balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, and nutrition.

Soccer camp and
weekly programs

The Rush Select Academy is the capstone of Rush Soccer’s player pathway. As part of the largest soccer club in the world with over 50,000 players distributed in over 120 clubs in all continents of the globe, Rush Soccer recruits its top talent directly into this state of the art all inclusive facility and international academy in which its student athletes are prepared for both academic and sporting success. 

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Professional Pathway: It is the only academy in the world that counts on its own professional teams

College Placement: The academy prides itself for sustaining a 100% of college placement.

Safety: The academy operates in a state of the art all inclusive facility with all accommodation, school, and training facilities onsite.

International & Multi-Sport: As one of the four high performance academies operating within the facility (Tennis, Golf, Soccer, and Volleyball) and hosting student-athletes from all over the world, the academy environment is ideal for development, creating an ‘Olympic Villa’ atmosphere and a strong identity. 

The Rush Soccer Factor: From its unique and exclusive partnership with Rush Soccer, our student athletes access an unmatched portfolio of resources and services in College Advisory, Technical, Physical, and Tactical training, as well as Video Analysis and Sports Psychology. 



Gain an Edge
Developing speed and quickness offers a significant advantage in almost every sport. We work on enhancing faster reaction times so our athletes can execute movements with greater efficiency and effectiveness.


Working on agility offers the advantage of improved body control, enabling our players to change direction quickly and efficiently while maintaining balance, strength, and speed. The goal is to improve the athletes overall physical coordination and balance.


Our training is tailored to the unique demands of each sport.
Working on strength enhances muscle and bone health, increases endurance, and improves overall physical performance. It enables you to perform your sport with ease and reduces the risk of injuries by supporting joint stability. This foundation is critical for all our athletes.


Embrace the challenge of conditioning to build the stamina and endurance required for success in competition. With structured workouts and a commitment to hard work, players develop the physical and mental toughness to outlast opponents.


Continuous assessment and tracking of progress are key features of the program, enabling personalized adjustments and improvements based on performance feedback.


Customized training sessions are designed to cater to the specific demands of various sports.


Our training sessions are designed to optimize performance, beginning with a thorough warm-up and concluding with a cool-down consisting of flexibility exercises.

Flexibility is a cornerstone of athleticism, allowing players to move fluidly, reduce the risk of injury, and maximize their range of motion. Through targeted stretching routines and mobility exercises, our program aims to improve flexibility in key muscle groups, enhancing agility and overall athletic performance. 




Emphasis is placed on proactive measures to prevent injuries, promoting athlete safety and longevity in their sporting endeavors and maintain peak performance on the court.


Develop strenght, speed, coordination and agility with the RPS Tennis specific conditioning program


Our full-time volleyball program offers two types of training for all athletes. Choosing a beach only program the players will participate in two beach volleyball sessions a day. For those who would like to still participate in indoor activities, a “hybrid program” will be a great fit. That option consists of one indoor volleyball session and one beach volleyball session per day. If you are still not, sure which sport you would like to pursue in college the hybrid program will help you to make a decision. 

In addition to volleyball academy training, junior volleyball players will be given the chance to train with the best players and to engage in match-play, Strength & Conditioning, mental training, video analysis and player analysis as well as nutrition sessions.

Club is the competitive platform for indoor players to be seen by college coaches. Competitions consist of USAV and/or AAU tournaments from December-May.

Rush Premier Sports have perfected a method of planning and mapping the most important years for recruitment of each student-athlete individually. We will work one-on-one with the student to create a personalized plan that fits their needs and is helpful to have the highest success of recruitment.

The recruiting process consists of 9 steps that all players follow:

  1. Set your level of expectations 
  2. Research schools and setup target list
  3. Create a highlight video 
  4. Send personalized email to coaches
  5. Attend event where coaches are present 
  6. Update results, events, videos
  7. Schedule calls
  8. Visit schools
  9. Get an offer

Fall: competition will consist of 2 beach tournaments a month. 

Spring: competition will be determined by the program chosen between hybrid or beach. Beach players will continue with 2 tournaments a month and hybrid players will mix between 2 indoor and beach tournaments each month

Each day of the week is focused on a specific skill set:
Monday: Passing and serving 

Tuesday: Setting and Hitting 

Wednesday: Defense and Blocking 

Thursday: Strategy and Review 

Friday: Game situations