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Welcome to RPS Academy! Our learning methodology is unique because we believe every student must have a specialization of passion to begin the learning process. We provide a dynamic learning culture focusing on individualization, skill development, and competitive competence. We have successfully placed hundreds of students in top-notch universities throughout the United States. 

We take pride in being a registered accredited school that upholds the highest standards of excellence. Our unique approach revolves around three key components – Sports, Academics, and the Arts, with each element having a specialized curriculum. Students get to immerse themselves in their major for 5 hours daily, split into 2-hour and 3-hour blocks. Alongside their specialized studies, students also cover core subjects such as Math, English, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, Fine Arts, and Physical Education. Our classes run from Monday to Friday, with students attending for 5.5-6 hours daily.

tennis camp and
weekly programs

Our program has two unique training sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The morning session includes two hours of stroke production and technique development. The focus of the afternoon session is point development and match play. The students will have one hour of on and off-court conditioning and weight training three times per week. Our method of two training sessions per day will allow the student to assimilate the instruction effectively.

Our high-performance Academy has a track record of helping players reach their potential. In addition to academy training, players will be given a chance to train with the best players and engage in match-play, conditioning, mental training, video analysis, and player analysis.


The Curriculum focuses on enhancing the engagement of our learners. It has been one of our primary focuses outlined in our strategic plan, and we have strived to ensure that our curriculum and instruction prioritize the value of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and abilities. We aim to provide every learner with equal opportunities to realize their full potential and to immerse them in an environment that nurtures lifelong skills such as creativity, curiosity, risk-taking, collaboration, and design thinking. 

We firmly believe in empowering our learners’ voices and responsibility for their learning, and we foster their self-confidence and passion for learning. Our instruction is characterized by high expectations and learner-centered practices, which we monitor and adjust to deepen learners’ knowledge of the curriculum. Our professional staff members integrate digital resources that enhance learners’ engagement with instruction and stimulate their curiosity. We are proud of our progress and remain dedicated to providing an exceptional learning experience for all our learners.


Our school offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses, enabling you to take college-level classes, develop critical skills, and earn college credit or placement while in high school. With excellent AP exam scores, you can skip entry-level courses in college.

17 Advanced Placement Courses

Our courses are designed to equip learners with the essential skills of public speaking and presentation and a comprehensive understanding of the 21st-century landscape. With our carefully curated curriculum, you will be fully prepared to succeed in any field you pursue.



Our school’s blended approach ensures those who participate receive an excellent education, have the opportunity to attend some of the finest universities in the United States, and become life-long learners with a keen interest in high achievement. We have placed hundreds of students in colleges and universities throughout the United States, many on an athletic and academic scholarship.




Special rates  and benefits for group reservations


Develop strenght, speed, coordination and agility with the RPS Tennis specific conditioning program


If accepted to the program, you can join the RPS Soccer on a full-time boarding or non-boarding basis. The difference between these two formats is that boarding students live in the dorms at the Sandpiper Bay Resort at our facility. Non-boarding students spend the entire day at the facility but once academics and sports are over for the day they return to their off-campus homes.

Alternatively, plenty of student-athletes from all over the world participate in the program on a short-term basis, coming to train with us and experience the academy life generally for 1-3 weeks at a time.

Groups and teams are also frequently received with the objective of experiencing this academy life and compete against some of our teams.

RPS Soccer recruits players from Rush and non-Rush clubs from around the world. Interested candidates are evaluated as far as their soccer level through video and/or personally when possible. Very frequently interested candidates fly to the academy for short term stays of a week to try out for our teams.

Academic records are also evaluated as part of this process.

The academy life is exciting every day, yet long and demanding. Our student-athletes wake up early around 6 AM to prepare themselves for training and academics. They generally eat breakfast at 7 AM and at 8 – 8:30 AM walk to the fields for a morning training session, complemented by a second session for fitness at the gym or on the field (in recovery days this can be replaced for a class of Mental Conditioning, Nutrition, or Video Analysis).

By 9:45 AM the student-athletes are showering and getting ready to attend school, which runs in two blocks of two hours, from 10 AM – 12 PM and 1 PM – 3 PM, leaving a one hour break in the middle for the students to have lunch.

Once school is over, the participants change again into their training gear to go for a second training sessions at 3:30 PM on the field.

At 5 PM their day concludes, leaving an hour for them to shower and relax before dinner at the resort restaurant.

Two days a week the student-athletes attend a third shift of academics at the school.

Rush Soccer is the largest youth soccer club in the world with over 100 clubs in all six continents of the world and a strong core in the United States, in which it is represented in more than 140 communities of the country.

The RPS Soccer Academy is the pinnacle of its player development pathway, serving as the residential academy in which the club places its top talent from all over the world, with the intention of developing it to then place those players in the club’s professional teams or in the top tiers of the US college system.

The RPS Soccer Academy is a unique, top level sporting program with many benefits and differences from all other academies, such as:

  • The Rush Soccer Factor: The academy is built over Rush Soccer, the largest youth soccer club in the world as its pinnacle of soccer development.
  • Own Professional Pathway: The RPS Soccer Academy is the only non-MLS academy that possesses and can place players its own professional teams.
  • 100% College Placement: College Placement for our student-athletes is sustained at 100%. We make a big emphasis on this. By the conclusion of their senior year, all of our participants have historically received at least one offer from a college.
  • Safety: All of the facilities utilized (dorms, restaurant, soccer fields, gym, etc.) are located within the Sandpiper Bay Resort, so our students live in a safe and guarded gated community, bringing peace of mind to their families.
  • Multisport ‘Olympic Villa’ Environment: The RPS Soccer Academy is one of four academies that operate within the Sandpiper Bay Resort (Tennis, Golf, and Volleyball are the others), which creates a high performing, enjoyable, and multi-discipline environment that resembles an ‘Olympic villa’.
  • Holistic Approach: Elevating the provision of services through Rush Soccer’s technical department, the program is supported and completed with unique team of professionals that assist our student-athletes in matters of Video Analysis, Nutrition, and Sports Psychology, among others.