As a new era of excitement unfolds, RPS Academies stands at the forefront of shaping champions and igniting dreams. This high-performance institution is renowned for its robust integration of academics, intellect, and athletics. With offerings in five competitive sports—tennis, soccer, golf, volleyball, and pickleball—paired with a top-tier academic curriculum and intellectual advancement, RPS Academies is a beacon for holistic youth development.

The academy is staffed by an exceptional cadre of coaches, educators, and support personnel, all committed to the holistic well-being of each student. The state-of-the-art sports facilities are complemented by modern educational tools and resources, designed to fast-track learning and skill acquisition.

Youth sports academies are pivotal in shaping the future of athletes, and RPS Academies stands as a beacon of excellence to young athletes all over the world. RPS Academies prioritizes holistic development, preparing athletes for the challenges of life beyond the field.

RPS Academies: Nurturing Ambition

Ambition thrives within the halls of RPS Academies, where every aspect of the institution is tailored to fueling the aspirations of young athletes. Clear goals, consistent feedback, and a supportive yet competitive environment foster ambition. Coaches serve not just as instructors but as mentors, guiding athletes toward their goals through targeted programs and real-world experiences.

Key Elements of RPS Academies’ Athletic Success Formula

The success of RPS Academies hinges on several key elements, each designed to promote comprehensive athlete development. These include:

These elements form the cornerstone of the program, accompanied by a holistic approach integrating the physical, mental, and competition components. The program is further supported by a robust sports science perspective and a focus on life skills, values, independence, critical thinking, education, nutrition, and health.

Options for sports development

Operating year-round, RPS Academies provides both boarding and non-boarding options, accommodating the diverse needs of young athletes from 32 different countries. These students come with aspirations of professional sports careers, yet the academy proudly boasts a track record where the vast majority pursue higher education. Remarkably, over the past 14 years, 100% of students have secured university scholarships, including placements at prestigious institutions like Harvard, Penn, William and Mary, University of Miami, and Duque.

High Performance Coaching and Training

At RPS Academies, coaching goes beyond the court.  The palpable enthusiasm within RPS Academies is driven by Deepu Talla, whose visionary leadership has been instrumental in defining the institution’s triple pillars of Intellect, Education, and Sports. With a bold goal to establish the academy as the global leader within five years, Talla’s investment and leadership have solidified the academy’s foundation, revitalizing its vision, values, and collective aspirations. His name is synonymous with both the genesis and the ongoing momentum of the academy.

At the operational helm, CEO Gabe Jaramillo, renowned as a legendary coach, author, and innovator, also excels as a dynamic executive. Together with Talla, Jaramillo steers the strategic vision of RPS Academies, ensuring that every aspect of the institution aligns with its core goals and values. Known affectionately as “La Familia,” his team benefits from his refined coaching methodology, which is integral to enhancing the academy’s reputation, expanding its influence, and achieving its ambitious objectives.

The Sports Science Approach

A commitment to sports science elevates training at RPS Academies, leveraging the latest research to optimize performance. From motion capture to data analytics, athletes benefit from evidence-based strategies that ensure they work smarter, not just harder.

Life Skills Education, Nutrition, and Health Programs

RPS Academies recognizes that success extends beyond sports, integrating life skills education, nutrition, and health programs into its curriculum. Athletes learn essential skills such as leadership and effective communication, alongside personalized nutrition plans and comprehensive health initiatives.

Measuring Success at RPS Academies

Success at RPS Academies is multifaceted, encompassing athletic achievement, personal growth, and readiness for the next level. High-performance metrics, combined with input from coaches and sports science experts, provide a comprehensive evaluation of each athlete’s progress.

Success Stories and Achievements

The halls of RPS Academies echo with the stories of countless success stories. Athletes have excelled in local, international, and professional competitions, representing the academy with pride and distinction. Alumni like Nicole Melichar, Maria Camila Osorio, and Fred Biondi serve as testament to the effectiveness of RPS Academies’ approach, inspiring the next generation of athletes.

Showcasing Ambition and Development

RPS Academies celebrates its athletes’ achievements through various platforms, from social media to live events. Summer camps, ID sessions, and partnerships with prestigious organizations further amplify the academy’s impact, showcasing the ambition and development nurtured within its walls.  This institution is not just creating future champions but is also molding the leaders of tomorrow.

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