How we deliver the program

Our coaching team adheres to six fundamental tenets for talent development.



Split Session

The training sessions are divided into two blocks of two hours each: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These periods are exclusively for tennis and are designed to manage volume and intensity, ensuring the athlete can be pushed to their maximum capacity while effectively absorbing information and workloads. This approach helps prevent physical and mental fatigue.

In the morning sessions, the focus is on stroke mechanics, including control, height, depth, direction, and speed. The afternoon sessions are dedicated to tactical training. Additionally, a physical performance program is conducted beyond these four hours.<br>

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Five Principles to Develop Talent

Individuality, Volume, Repetition, Variation, Specificity.


Perfect Practices

All practices follow a strict schedule and aim for the highest level of precision. Each session integrates multiple components, including mechanical, tactical, and mental aspects, delivered simultaneously. Both the athlete and coach should have clear objectives for every training session.

We emphasize reinforcing routines and fostering positive attitudes, demanding deep engagement where students give 100% effort and concentration. Every stroke must have a tactical intention, and we encourage athletes to understand the level of risk they are willing to take.

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Game-Based Training

Enhances engagement and retention


Paying attention to errors

We focus on minimizing errors to enhance the effectiveness of our practices. Our goal is for learners to perform flawlessly, automatically, and effortlessly. When a mistake occurs, it should be of significant concern to the coach. Once adjustments are identified and prioritized, we must correct them immediately and individually, as prioritizing accelerates the learning process. The player must have a clear understanding of both the error and the appropriate correction.


Continuous Improvement

The pursuit of improvement is an ongoing journey without end.